A Brief History of the Cavalier

The Z24 was preceded by the Type-10.  The '84 Type-10 was the sport coupe version of the Chevy Cavalier that made its appearance two years after the initial sales of the Cavalier began.  The Type-10 was still only available with the 112ci 4cyl. engine, standard on all Cavaliers at this time.

The Z24 was just what the Type-10 fans wanted.  A sport coupe Cavalier, with more power.  The Z24 made its debut in 1985, but do to release delays, the '85 Z24's were actually '86's released in '85 1/2.  The Z24 sported a 2.8L V6 MPFI engine, capable of producing 130 HP, special interior, ground effects, a black vertical bar grille and an optional digital dash. In 1988 the Z24 received some design changes.  It was fitted with a new, more aerodynamic front end and  new taillights.  It had a black grill which consisted of three crossbars and one center vertical bar with the bowtie emblem outlined in red in the center.  It still contained the same engine, but with silver ground effects and an upgraded interior.

Except for the upgrade in engine, to the 3.1L V6 MPFI, capable of producing 140 HP, the 1990 Z24 remained virtually the same.  The new engine was basically the same as the 2.8, but with a longer stroke crankshaft.

1991 would begin the last design for the V6 powered Z24.  The taillights received a minor update, as well as the front end being made even more aerodynamic.  The grill was replaced by a solid, body colored panel, with a hollow, red outlined bowtie in the center.  Ground effects also were painted body color.

For the 1995 model year, all J-Body's were extensively re-designed.   The cavaliers underbody remained virtually the same, but with a slightly longer wheelbase, upgraded suspension capabilities and a totally redesigned body.  The new Z24 carried an all new 2.3L Quad 4 engine, the same found in many N bodies.  This engine was capable of producing 150 HP.  For 1996, the 2.3 was replaced by the 2.4 Twin Cam, distinguished mainly by its modern balanced shaft construction.

This information was borrowed off another Cavalier Page.
If this was your information, please let me know so i don't violate any copyrights or cause any hard feelings.

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