3400 Engine Swap

Unleash the Beast!

3400 V6 If you're looking for a great way to drastically increase the horsepower, reliability & fuel efficiency of your J-Body, this guide is for you. I'll provide you with as detailed as possible of a guide to help you replace that tired gen 2 motor with the much improved gen 3 60°V6!

  1. Introduction / Why should I swap?
  2. What parts am I going to need & what will this cost me?
  3. Removing the old engine
  4. Prepping the new motor - Part 1
  5. Prepping the new motor - Part 2
  6. Installing the new motor (Coming Soon)
  7. Tuning your new motor (Coming Soon)
  8. Troubleshooting your swap (Coming Soon)
  9. Frequently Asked Questions (Coming Soon)

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