3.1L Intercooled Turbo LG5 Engine Specifications

Engine Description 3.1L 60 degree V6 Turbocharged Gen II V6 Engine
Horsepower 205@5200
Torque (ft-lbs) 225@2100
Top Speed 128 mph
Max Engine Speed 5500 rpm
Block Cast Iron
Heads Aluminum
Valves 12
Displacement 3.1L (3100cc, 192ci)
Cylinders 6, V formation, opposed 60 degrees
Bore 89mm (3.503")
Stroke 84mm (3.3122")
Compression Ratio 8.8:1
Fuel Management MPFI (Multi Port Fuel Injection). Electronic, controlled by ECM
Fuel Premium unleaded, 91 pump oct.
VIN code V
Usage 1989-90 Grand Prix Turbo, 90 STE Turbo
Type Gen II - Same motor as 2.8L with an increased stroke

Turbo Details

Turbo Garrett T-25, water cooled
Model # TB2528
Part # 465939-2
CHRA # 431876-29
Wastegate Vacuum, actuated by ECM-controlled solenoid
A/R Ratios 0.68 Turbine; 0.80 Compressor

Engine Management

ECM Type GM 1227727/16197128 (underhood)
MEMCAL (PROM) 256kbit (32kbyte)
MAP Sensor 2-bar
Fuel Injection Multiport EFI, bank fired (two banks)

Performance - 1989 GP Turbo

0-60 7.0 sec
1/4 Mile 15.3 @ 89.5mph
Top Speed 128

Unfortunately, this engine never made it into a J-body. It was only used for two years, in the 1989 and 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix TGP. Another unfortunate thing is that they only made about 1000 of these cars each year, so they are quite rare and hard to find. If you can get ahold of one, the engine will be pretty much a direct swap into your 2nd gen J-Body.

Some info obtained from The W-Body Page


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