3400 V-6 (LA1)

3400 V6

3400 Dyno
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Note: This engine was never a factory option for the J-body.
It is however becoming an ever popular motor swap.

Type: 3.4L V-6 (LA1 )
Displacement: 3350 cc (204 ci)
Compression ratio: 9.5:1
Valve configuration: overhead valves (2 valves per cylinder)
Assembly site: Tonawanda, N.Y. (car/truck)
Ramos Arizpe, Mexico (truck)
Valve lifters: hydraulic roller
Firing order: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6
Bore x stroke: 92.00 x 84.00mm
Fuel system: sequential fuel injection
Horsepower: 180 hp (134 kw) @ 5200 rpm (Impala/Monte Carlo)
175 hp (131 kw) @ 4700 rpm (Grand Am GT)
170 hp (127 kw) @ 4700 rpm (Grand Am, Alero)
185 hp (138 kw) @ 5200 rpm (Venture, Montana/Aztek, Rendezvous, Silhouette)
Torque: 205 lb-ft (278 Nm) @ 4000 rpm (Grand Am GT, Impala/ MonteCarlo)
200 lb-ft (271 Nm) @ 4000 rpm (Grand Am, Alero)
210 lb-ft (285 Nm) @ 4000 rpm (Venture, Montana/Aztek, Rendezvous, Silhouette)
Fuel shut off: 6000 rpm
Emissions controls: evaporative system
catalytic converter
exhaust gas recirculation (not Aztek/Rendezvous)
positive crankcase ventilation
Applications: Chevrolet Monte Carlo (base)
Chevrolet Impala (base)
Pontiac Grand Am (option)
Chevrolet Venture
Pontiac Montana
Pontiac Aztek
Buick Rendezvous (base)
Oldsmobile Alero
Block: cast iron
Cylinder head: aluminum
Intake manifold: cast aluminum
Exhaust manifold: high silicon molybdenum
cast nodular iron
Main bearing caps: powder metal (1,2,3)
cast iron (4)
Crankshaft: cast iron
Camshaft: assembled steel
Connecting rods: forged steel
Additional features: extended life spark plugs
extended life coolant
Engine Oil Live Monitor (EOLM)

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