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Showcase cover image for Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 2.8L V6 3 Speed Automatic

General Information

Cavalier Z24
Cavalier Z24


2.8L V6
3 Speed Automatic
0 miles
Date of Purchase
Engine Mods
Rapid Fire plugs Dynomax Turbo Exhaust (Engine currently is blown, waiting to get caught up on my '94 Caprice w/LT1 then I will be buying a 3400 out of a Venture or simular to install.)
Exterior Mods
Shaved like a newborn baby. Only protusions left are the mirrors. The badges, locks, handles and ant all are shaved. The car is all the same color as well.
Interior Mods
Currently None
Audio Mods
Modified the interior to handle 13 speakers. 3 channel front stage (6 speakers total, Tweeter and 4 inch in the dash on each side, and 6.5" speakers in the kick panels.), 4 inch center channel mounted in the center of the top of the dash, 6.5" and tweeters in the rear deck as rear fill, and 2 10" subs mounted to fire through the back seat. All the speakers are Hart brand. (Older style, before they went bankrupt and were bought out.) Clarion Multimedia Head unit, 6 disc changer, digital EQ, 2x Alesis home studio 30 band eq's, 6 Audio Art MS100 amplifiers, Audio Art 4 way crossover, Audio Control Center channel processor. This system sounded REAL good before the engine blew and I ended up stripping most of this system out of the car for later use.
Miscellaneous Mods
Code Alarm Elite Competition alarm, Clifford Smart Windows (With custom wiring to allow full window control from alarm remote control. Controls both of the windows at the same time but can roll them up or down as a unit as easily as from within the car. Also gives the windows 1 touch up OR down from inside the car that will work even if the key is off until the windows finish rolling up or down.) Clifford Sense and Tell radar 2 stage sensor. (Seems to work real well but very temperature dependent. The colder the air the tighter the range.) Code alarms 2 stage shock sensor, glass breakage sensor, pin switches at the trunk and hood, interior pain generator which can not easily be located due to the painful pitch etc, 6 other battery backed up sirens, battery backup for the alarm its self. I am sure I missed some parts to this alarm. It was installed before Remote Starters were big.



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