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Showcase cover image for Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 3.1L V6 5 Speed Manual

General Information

Cavalier Z24
Cavalier Z24


3.1L V6
5 Speed Manual
0 miles
Date of Purchase
Engine Mods
well my car started out as a automatic but i changed that to a 5 speed added superchip (thermo master) 160 dagree thermosthat acdelco wires bosh + 4's plug's axcel coils k&n filter teal wire loom painted strut tower brace to match the car custom painted a set of eyes same as what use to be on the back window on the strut tower brace as well as V6Z24SS on there to :)
Exterior Mods
rainguards frount blackouts SMOKED custom frount blackouts TEAL working on new ones back blackouts sunroof guard solarwing blue neons terquise neons shaved all badges custom decails to match the car *NEW ONES* 5% all the way around painted the original z24 inners of the rims teal like the 90 beretta indy
Interior Mods
i painted the vents and the radio trim and the speaker covers to teal the same as the car and put in v624ss on the speaker covers and the radio trim my interior use to be gray i changed that to black put in sunbird door panels put in green and blue led's powered to the neons so when the teal is on teal led comes on and when the blue led is on the blue neons are on SOMTHING NOBODY ELSE HAS!!!! Vared alarm scanner AKA NIGHTRIDER LOL the teal 1 OFCOURSE :)~
Handling Mods
eibach lowering springs
Audio Mods
Lets just say it loud and disturbes the neighborhood thats all i care about. :)
Future Mods
i dunno somthing diffrent that none of the other members have O:-)
Miscellaneous Mods
i am told by my g/f and some friends i don't need a fast car i think there just jelous mine looks better,faster and well i own it not them :) as long as mine doesn't sound or look like a rice burner it's all good! I wonder what people will say when i blow past them at 100+? lol zeeeeeeeeeeeeee ya



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uhh the chroming was done at a shop in victoria, british columbia canada, no deffently not a spray on lol.