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Showcase cover image for Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 3.1L V6 5 speed Manual

General Information

Cavalier Z24
Cavalier Z24


3.1L V6
5 speed Manual
0 miles
Date of Purchase
Engine Mods
<a href="http://badz24.com/posted/1.jpg">Engine Pic</a> Remanufactured 3.1 motor(peice of crap!!) FDP Performance 62mm TB Ported Plenom Cone filter on the stock intake tube:) 2 1/2 in custom exaust with a raptor muffler Tb coolant bypassed Fan override switch Light port and polish(not enough to make a diff really) Polished and painted eveything under the hood <a href="http://badz24.com/posted/2.jpg">Zex Nitrous setup</a> Zex Bottle Heater Bottle Pressure gauge
Exterior Mods
<a href="http://badz24.com/posted/wax.JPG">Car Pic</a> <a href="http://badz24.com/posted/today/DSC02516.JPG">Car Pic 2</a> <a href="http://badz24.com/posted/newpics/DSC01886.JPG">Car Pic 3</a> cf Z24 badges in the stock 00 spots driving lights tinted windows front spoiler(what a pain to find) org and badz24.com and post-whore.com stickers
Interior Mods
<a href="http://badz24.com/posted/striped.JPG">Striped</a>,<a href="http://badz24.com/posted/newpics/DSC02187.JPG">Painted</a> <a href="img src="http://badz24.com/posted/DSC02406.JPG">Picture of the interior (Old and far from finished)</a>,Shortend shifter now i have 4 in out of it!!! Grant GT steering wheel leather shifter a leather shifter boot Custom Silver Shift boot in right now redoing headliner 3 inch neon in the part under the ash tray hard wired radar detector Trunk carpet out of a cimmy vents painted silver dash and console painted flat and gloss black 3rd gen seats in the front and rear New Black Carpet Black Seat Belts Black Floor mats Gauge pod Autometer Ultra Lite Air Fuel Ratio Gauge
Audio Mods
Pioner head unit Eclipse 3 1/2's bass blockers on the fronts Sony explode 6/9's Sony amp One 12 in a big box
Miscellaneous Mods
<B>Suspension Mods:</B> Factory rims with Falkin 225 60's on the front Sumitomo's on the back right now 225/60/14 New Autozone struts in the front for now <a href="http://badz24.com/posted/DSC02349.JPG">Suspension techniques springs</a> Koni yellows installed on the rear <a href="http://badz24.com/posted/DSC02182.JPG">Koni Yellows for the front NYI</a> <a href="http://badz24.com/posted/DSC02374.JPG">Subframe brace</a> GM Strut Tower Bar <b>Other Stuff:</b> Slipin clutch and a bad motor mount and i ran a 16 flat. With both fixed i would be in the 15's painted brakes blue



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