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Showcase cover image for Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 3.1L V6 5 Speed Manual

General Information

Cavalier Z24
Cavalier Z24


3.1L V6
5 Speed Manual
0 miles
Date of Purchase
Engine Mods
10:1 compression Ratio Bore: 3.524" 89.5MM (bored 0.5mm over stock) Stroke: 3.312" 84MM (stock stroke) Block decked for straightness H692CP Sealed Power hypereutectic pistons (GM 3100 SFI V6 pistons) Polished & shotpeened stock connecting rods ARP rod bolts Windage tray from 1996 GM 3100 SFI V6 Crankshaft scraper from 60? V6 store Balanced rotating assembly (crank, harmonic balancer, flywheel, clutch, connecting rods, pistons, piston rings, crank & rod bearings) Cloyes roller timing chain-modified timing cover to fit Crane Cam Part #253901, Grind #H-260-2 - 0.427" Intake, 0.454" Exhaust @ 1.5:1 rocker ratio Crane dual valve springs Polished valves Polished combustion chambers Port, polished & planed heads - Intake flow 230cfm @ 0.440" lift, Exhaust flow 201cfm @ 0.440" lift Harland Sharp SBC full roller rockers 1.5:1 ratio ARP rocker studs Custom built intake manifold Magnecor 8.5mm sparkplug wires Turbocharger - T04B V-trim wheel Turbo A/R- compressor 0.60, turbine 0.63 Blow off valve from Gen 1 Eagle Talon Front mount universal intercooler 50mm External Wastegate w/5 psi spring Walbro 190lph fuel pump (from Ford Mustang 5.0L) 35lb/hr fuel injectors - 2.7 ohms (from Merkur XR4Ti) Megasquirt II V3.0 Programmable Fuel & Ignition ECM Innovate LC-1 Wideband Oxygen sensor/controller KnocksenseMS Knock Sensor Interface
Exterior Mods
3rd Gen Z24 16" rims GM "SuperWhite" and GM "Platinum Pearl" paint
Interior Mods
Grant steering wheel, white accents
Handling Mods
Eibach Pro Kit springs 1.5" drop Koni adjustable struts & shocks Energy Suspension bushings (control arms, font/rear sway bars, end links) Air-Lift airbags in rear springs (only pumped when drag racing) Stock strut tower bar
Audio Mods
Kenwood deck
Miscellaneous Mods
Transmission Mods Custom kevlar clutch built by Euro-Drive 1993 Grand Am Quad 4 HO transmission Gear Ratios : 1st 3.50 2nd 2.05 3rd 1.38 4th 1.03 5th 0.72 Axle 3.94



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