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02 Z24 Rims on a 91?

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These are the rims Im thinking of putting on my car

<LINK_TEXT text="http://photoserver1.trader.ca/autotrade ... 02-03.jpeg">http://photoserver1.trader.ca/autotrader/photos/large/2003/08-08/ils/08-08-03ils02-03.jpeg</LINK_TEXT>

Im probably gonna call GM on Monday and see how much they are...but before I do that does anyone here know how much they are for a set of four?

Also, for anyone with them, are they alloy, clear coated, what? And are they a pain in the ass to clean like the 91 rims?
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I have them on my 2000 z24 and yeah i myself think they are a pain in the butt to clean. I guess it depends on how clean you want them. I do think they are alloy rims but don't know for sure. I guess i think they are hard to clean because i like them to be spotless but thats just me. Sorry i couldn't help much.
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they're about 400 smackers a piece if you call the dealer....not worth it bro
check the buy/sell/trade post....bossman is selling a set of those
i have a mint set of 2000 Z24 rims for sale. I am asking for $400 Canadian OBO. Local to GTA please, unless you are willing to come down here for them.
Rims look like these... (these are not the rims I have, just a picture to give you an idea)

16" Rims, 5X100 bolt pattern... fits all j-bodies, celica's, some VW, honda, etc etc...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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