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03 Tiburon

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kid in my town claims his 4 cylinder tiburon has 190 horsepower, i proved him wrong with engine specs but still didn't believe me...... raced him............. destryed him
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Good job! The 4 bangers aren't too quick, but the V6's are fairly fast though.

lol why would he waste his money on a sports car with an economy car's engine :roll:
good kill man
hehe, what a better way to shut him up. Atta boy. Nice kill.
Good kill :D . There's a lot of GTs around where I live.
nice man, those cars look so ugly, and i agree with vhrus
good kill.. i beat a kid with a v6.... it was downt he hightway and i just plain out drove him... he prolly cooulda taken me on a straight shot...
ya I raced a 03 v6 tiburon at the track and he beat me by 2 cars. I ran a 15.5 and he ran a 15.1. I got a great light had 2 cars out the hole and he walked me hard in top end.
the v6s have like 180 horse or something the 4 bangers ony have 135
I worked on a newer tiburon, I think a 02, and it had the 2.7 v-6, 227hp, 184 tq, is what it said on the window sticker, that car was quick, I got to drive it after I did an alignment on it, [email protected]#king fast, had the 6 spd! It would own my car.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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