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14 Second Pipe Dream

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Earlier this month, I wanted to give a shot of getting into the 14's in the quarter mile with some proper drag tires.

It ended poorly.

Now I need some advice on how to carry forward. What can I do during a rebuild of a salvage transaxle to make it stronger and able to handle the shock load it experiences during hard launches? I've done lots of reading on whether I can just replace and diff, what transmissions I can use etc, but I'm pretty nervous of racing again to have this happen a second time.

One day I'll get into the 14's!
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The NVGT550 and HM282 should be fine down into the 11's unless the diff bearings are worn out. That seems to be a failure point, or shearing the diff pin.

I launched mine on slicks hard for probably 100+ 13 sec passes on factory axles and had no problems.
It's almost time for the car to come out for summer again and the carnage pictures were never shared!

The car was fixed and pieced back together in October thanks to a doner car.

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Man, when a 282/NVG goes it really goes out with a bang.. haha

Cool, don't break this one!

No need to launch above 2K or so, if you just hold it around there and don't just dump the clutch... let off a little slower you won't break stuff.

like this:

I still spun the slicks a little but it hooked pretty well.
Dave, I'm glad you are still around these forums.

I was worried about getting back out there on the strip but I'm itching again. It's obvious that letting out slower will save stuff but I seem to always through caution to the wind when you are staged. I suppose that is where experience comes in. I'll give the 2ish K and smoother launch this season!
Yep, these cars will hook so something's gotta give if you dump the clutch.

One time I dumped it at like 3500 with a welded diff/Slicks, it wheel hopped so bad that I thought I broke something. Interior trim was loose, the dash broke free and stuff was flying everywhere. I still ran about 20 more passes that day, haha.
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