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16 inch chrome for sale!! check out the picture now!!

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i have a set of 16 inch chrome epic slotted 5 star rims. they are pretty nice looking unless your car is absolutly PERFECT, then they would just not fit in..... the tires on them arent too good, one is flat from being so bold (dared to make the biggest burnout in the school parking lot lol) its only one tire b/c my probe only does one-leggers!!! HAHA i hate it lol. the rims were on my girls z24, but when i got the probe i took them back..... so obviously the rims will fit any car wit a 5x100 pattern cavy, beretta, ect.... and also any car is a 5x114.3 pattern like my probe, or a eclipse/talon/laser, or 626, galant, 240sx, and 5 lug rx-7s i believe..... im sure theres plenty of cars that they would fit on that i just didnt mention, but anyways. they are in good, shiney condition and i kinda dont wana get rid of them, i just need the extra cash and i'll do anything to get it!! let me know if you're interested, i'll try to get the pics developed as soon as i can for u guys. make me a reasonable offer, im sure i'll take it!

p.s. - it'll prolly just be cheaper if i pulled the tires off them to ship them out... you're not gonna want them anyways and it just adds wieght the to shipping cost

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theres the pic you all wanted to see.... nice arent they, they look really sharp on my girl's z24 and also on my probe too!!
dude, you got the center caps right?

*Dibbs if i can scrounge up the money*

w/o tires i could probably pull $250 or so 8)
nah, i dont have the center caps, someone stole them!! i've seen the exact same ones on stock beemers, ha they were probly mine anyways lol
well man, no caps and bad tires = you make me a really good offer :p
Well all you have to do is put some chrome bolts on there and itll look pretty nice :)
how much with the rubber still? I'm interested, that is, if whitelightning calls undibbs :p
i'll give them to you for $300 USD
can you figure out shipping to Guelph, Ontario, Canada?
or, how far are you willing to drive? mapquest says its 8 hours to Honey Brook.
*undibbs* :guns: unexpeted bills
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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