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I'm thinking about getting these wheels for my 94.
Wheel Automotive tire Bicycle part Alloy wheel Rim

I believe the factory 15x6 Z24 wheel is 38MM offset? I'd like to use 225/50R16, since they are fairly close to the correct diameter and doesn't throw the speedo off too much.
I've read some on this size tire before and when using a 16X6" 3rd gen wheel, most people were okay and no rubbing issues. I do not know if the 16x6" 3rd gen wheels are 38MM offset or not?

I ran size comparison using the 38 and 35 offsets.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Light Tread

As you can see, most of the extra width is going to the outside. But this tool does not have the option of comparing wheel width differences and offset. My concern is that the 7" wide wheel with the 225 tire might be a rub problem. Using a 1" wider wheel,
I believe the 7" wheels from the mounting surface towards wheel face will be approximately 2.375". From mount to inside lip will be 4.875". The tire should be under 9" (as shown). This will give me something to go on. I may be able to use a cardboard gauge to check all the places where the tire might rub something.

If anyone has used a 7" wide wheel with a 225/50r16, please let us know how it worked out.
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