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17" ADR 6 spoke rims for sale or trade for 3rd gen z24

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must sell..email me at [email protected] or pm me..

trade me for 3rd gen z24 rims with new rubber..the rims come with nankang 215/45/17 tires..2 need replacing..750 OBO..they will fit any 5 X pattern car..

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yo ill do a trade man, i got 2001 Z rimz n' tires.

what do ur rimz look like tho..i seen a few ADR's are they were pretty ugly, what clour are they? u got n e pics i live in hamilton ontario...where bouts in hamilton are you. we can do it up this weekend if they look ok.

holla back man, if u wana give me a call 905 317-0273
they are silver 6 spoke about 8 months old and i want 99 z24 rims, not the new ones. and i want a little bit of money with them as well. but i will get back to you very soon if i cant find a deal within the next week.
i have some z rims that you are looking fro with 2 month old rubber, barely used pm me if intertsted in a trade+ some money
Ferg buddy still havn't sold these?? Man I wish I didn't buy that TV! these are good wheels!

Take care
hey chris man ill trade you the rims for the TV..or if u have another TV around..perferably big..hehe..
47" samsung w/ sony surround sound...mmm sorry have to pass on that one! :D Those are nice rims I'm surprised you havn't moved them yet
hey man i can send yous ome pics by 10:00 tonight, and the tires are 205/55/16 defender sports, they were 350 from tire barn for all four, like 98% tread left..........and how much would you want extra?
ull never get $750 for them..... $300
with some pics
you know hes talking about can $ right?
myztery0 : why are you always on here insulting peoples prices?? :guns:

quit f_ckin' trying to cock block people that are trying to sell $hit.....just cuz your broke a$$ doesn't have the $ he is asking doesn't mean that someone else doesn't.

The rims are in my registry if they are the Revo-6....beautiful rims...fit the cars shape real well. Ida bought them if I hadt already.
anyone got any 3rd gen z24 rims??..anyone..
I have 3rd gen rims... they are a not mint tho...


Email me: [email protected]

I can supply pics,....
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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