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these are epic 5 stars. they are 17x7 with no tires on them. i pulled the tires off because i dont think that they would have been worth keeping on and just costing more when they are shipped out. they have a universal bolt pattern (5x100 and 5x114.3) they were on my z24 but i recently just got them back from my friend who had them on his 91 eclipse GSX. they will also fit luminas, and otehr GM cars with a 5 lug pattern. also, LOTS of imports with 5 lugs like an integra type r, eclipse/laser/talon, mazda 5 lug nissan 5 lugs *CARS*, galant, ford probes, and so many more!! i just got them back and now thet im parting out my z24 and my probe has a blown motor i have no use for them, i just need the extra money from them now. im only askin for $350 + shipping USD for all 4 of them, unless somebody wants to offer more to ensure the sale to them.

PM or EMAIL me with offers or to finalize the deal! you know this is really cheap for rims like this!! they are about $214 each brand new and look just the same!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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