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1987 z24 HB 4 sale, loads of custome

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Just like the Title says:

A black 1987 Z24 HatchBack for sale

it does come w/ 2.8 (biggest of that year) in pretty good condition,
she has 175000 miles on her which is good for her age.

whole brake system has been recently done.
New Yokohama Tires w/ about 50% tread on em (i burn out alot)
Custom Cold Air intake
Flowmaster Delta series muffler (sounds deep and great)

Interior centerconsole and lower half of dash has been painted a rich blue and light blue DONE RIGHT and great quality.

Other extras include
Custome BLue mirrored Tint
38 or so Neon lights (Blue and everywhere)
JVC CD player works but not the greatest
Pioneer 4" speakers in front
and more...

as w/ any car of this age she does have some wear. Paint is not faded could use a new job for a mint condition look.
Body has 1 or 2 small rust spots on rear corner pannel. frame and underside has no rust.
drivers side seat has small tear along side by door.
Dash and vinyle is in EXCELLENT condition.

I'm sure there's more but i'm really tired. I have to sell her to make payments on new car. now here's the GREAT PART! i am willing to work w/ a delivery in Floridia mississippi, alabama, Louisiana, Texas and Colorado. However this offer is only good for another 2 weeks. after that it will just be Texas and Colorado. I'm only asking 1200 for her to all you other fanatics. if i don't sell here then i put it up on a lemon lot and sell it to some punk teenager for 1500 who will destroy this great classic. Please Contact me at [email protected] Titled Z24 If your seriously interested and want pictures e-mail me and I can try and get more pictures. as it is i'm g oing to have to dig up some. Thanx guys.
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neonman87z24 said:
Movin on up^^^
neonman87z24 said:
neonman87z24 said:
Movin on up^^^
ONE last time
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