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I am selling or parting out a 1991 Chevy Cavalier, 3.1L engine 4-door car.

The exterior and interior of the car is in rough condition however all the parts on the car is good. The car is still in running condition, it needs a new battery but other then that it does still run good.

Good parts off the car include: alternator, radiator, water pump, engine, transmission, etc...

Some parts of the exterior are still ok such as bumpers, trunk and other areas. The interior is in so-so condition but the seats would require a lot of cleaning.

Basically it would be a good car for parts although if you did want to make it road worthy that is also possible as long as you don't mind fixing up a few things with it.

I am asking $300(obo) for the entire car (AS-IS) or I will entertain offers for parts on the car. If you want any parts from the car you will have to take them off yourself. I am located in Toronto, Ontario (south etobicoke area)

Email if interested - [email protected]


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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