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Hey guys its time to let go of my pride and joy its been a long haul for this car alot of work and money has been spent behind this car. Ive owned it since last august in which countless hours in motor, interior, and suspension work have been made im going to start off and say this is an all original 91 Si SE only a few came to canada its still retains some of its original rare factory options like the EF8 rear spoiler. The car will also come with a almost complete Turbo kit for the SOHC motor which i was planning to put in however ive never gotten the chance yet. Here are the specs of the car:

*1991 Honda CRX Si Special Edition
*308,000km original
*70,000 km on JSPEC D15B Vtec motor installed
*Complete OBD1 Conversion with chipped and socketed PO6 computer
*SAFC1 Installed and in operating condition
*True CAI
*4 new shocks and springs OEM raised it back to stock ride height, all new bushings installed
*Thrust front sway bar
*New thermostat and rad flush
*Autometer full A-pillar guage pod with stewart warner guages, Oil pressure, voltmeter, and Air/fuel ration installed
*GSR Leather Boot and knob

Complete Front end has been done less then 5,000km ago these were all the parts changed:

*Both inner and outter tie rods on pass. and drivers side
*upper ball joint control arms
*Rebuilt Spindles with new bearings freshly pressed
*cross drilled rotors
*OEM Rebuilt calipers with Hawk pads
*Rear pads and rotors

Turbo Parts:

*HF Manifold port gasket matched and adapter machined
*Custom CNC's adapther Flange for a for turbo
*IHI Mazda MX6/probe Turbo in excellent condition with downpipe (spools amazingly fast, 1800rpm reaches full boost!)
*Both Oil feed, and return lines included
*Cleaned and rebuilt DSM 450cc Blue Top injectors
*have and extra HF manifold lying around i will throw in dont need it anymore
*Brand new Oil pan gasket for D series motor still in original wrapping
*Oil pan oil bung needed to tap for oil return

All in all the car is in great working order i still operate the car on a daily basis great on gas however its down falls are the its age and rust spots are showing the main areas are the typical honda rear quarters, gas cap area which has been cheaply filled it from before and front fenders have minor rust spots on them.

The car has a full system, HID's, and a MSD setup in it as well which i will be removing because i will need them for my other car. The car will need TLC however still has an excellent presentability factor and all who have seen this car can vouch that overall its a great little car but needs body work. I know these things have been selling for well into the $5000 range restored however this car will not fall under that territory in its current stage.

Asking price:

As is with the turbo kit included all i want is $1500 FIRM! HID's, Stereo system, and MSD will be removed upon sale of the vehicle i want this car gone soon money talks so to say if your serious call me asap to arrange a meeting time and place



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SPECIAL EDITION? where the hell did you get those tails at? or is it just a sticker, the only SE there is was a jdm sir, it had leather tan interior and the tail light had a red fog on the right side

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looks like a good deal to me actually....im suprised that doesnt have a fart can on it......most ppl like to put fart cans on their crx's....

ur in my good books haha...

nice car tho.....and it does look a little jap to me...a little

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The tails are probably a Canadian thing. We seem to get a lot of the JDM "only" items here as well. *shrug*

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Im not a Honda-Basher... I actually love Hondas!! Which is why Im just gonna say is that tha D15 engine is a pile of scrap LoL with or without a turbo!!!!!

Very clear car though!!
If I was closer I would definately be interested!!!
I'd go with a K20a2 swap!!
But thats jus me.....
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