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1995 - 1999 Z24 Rims (MINT) and tires!

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I have a set of 1995 - 1999 Z24 rims that I pulled of my 1998 Z24. I just bought 2001 Z24 rims, so I don't need these any more.

The rims are MINT. Not a scratch, no curb rash, no stone marks. They are absolutely perfect, and still can be cleaned to seem like they just came from the factory.

The tires are a different story. The front tires have about 15-20% tread left, the rears have about 5% tread left. They will get you to where you're going, but will need replaced within 2,000 miles (IMO).

I'm located in Youngstown, Ohio. I don't want to ship them, but will drive up to an hour or so away to meet you.

I'm asking $280, but am really flexible. Just send an e-mail to [email protected] with any questions or offers.
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I accept PayPal - come, charge these rims and tires to your credit card and pay for them later!
ill buy if you are willing to ship
Yep, I guess I can ship them.
i live in columbus....let me know how low youll go and i can come pick em up if the price is right man
I'll go to about $235.00.

Let me know.
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