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2.0-2.8 swap---need some help

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ok i got a 1990 sunbird with a 2.0, im buying the 2.8 this weekend but i would like someone to tell me everything im gonna need to do for this swap from a 4 cyl to a 6 cyl. The more advice and help the better.

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first guess is motor mounts, ecu, all wiring pulleys belts hoses etc....
my .02 cents
1.) Steering lines from the pump to the rack
2.) ECM
3.) Speedo cable (VSS on 4-cyl tranny faces other direction)
4.) powersteering pump
5.) A/C lines from firewall
6.) Radiator and cooling fan
7.) Fuel pump
8.) Purge canister
9.) Antifreeze reservoir
10.) Exhaust (4-cyl exhaust pipe won't reach)
11.) Engine and tranny
i feel like im forgetting something though
why not juss buy a 3.1???
or a new car.
lol ya obviously its crossed my mind just to buy a new car but i like my car. plus i got it for free so the money i would have spent on a car i can spend on modz and shit..plus all the time iv spent on this project i have to atleat finsish it. taking a beat'n up 1990 sunbird sedan, and customizing the shit out of it. take alook at my registry!
there is also a very good chance that your cruise control will not work. mine doesnt. this swap was previously done to my car ;)
I'm with custom; I got my car for free and I can spend as much as I want on it to fix it up. Just like having a new car w/o monthly payments, just need to make payments to GM for new parts lol. But yeah why don't you get a 3.1 instead? From what I know the 3400 engine would be best.
There is not much difference between a 2.8 and a 3.1, other than .32" of stroke, So if a 2.8L is easier to find then it is a viable option, if a 3.1 is easier then it is viable, a 3100 or 3400 is nice but requires more custom work.
I am actually considering getting a 2.8L for the crank and make a higher reving gen3 V6 or rather potentially higher reving, among other reasons.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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