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2.0 OHC Cylinder Head will not come off!!

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I am replacing my 91' sunbird OHC 2.0L cylinder head/gaskets and i have a problem.. the head will not come off. i removed everything that needs to be removed but there is something on the top left corner of the head that will not let me remove it. i removed timing belt/ camshaft carrier, all that is left is the head/intake/exhaust manifolds attached.. my engine is a lil different as pictured in chilton manual, but i htink it has something to do w/ the alternator/power sterring bracket... please any help is NEEDED... i need to get this done w/ by the weekend b/c i need my car next week, thanks

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can u say hammer? :D
I agree

get a piece of wood, and put it on the side of the head, and whack it with a hammer

thatll break the seal between the head and the gasket
I just did this job last week, every time we thought we had it ready to come off we found another bolt. Just double check as soon as the last bolt was removed from the intake plenum the head cam off very easily. I will post some pics when I get home. the bolts at the back of the plenum are very hard to see or get at?
:eek: that would seem unlikely
ok, I just done this 2 weeks ago.....there is a bolt on under the power steering pump you need to take off, it is a bitch to get at, you have to go from under the car inorder to even see it, It took me a socket and a 6 extention and a swivel socket to get it off.....good luck....and what makes it so much more fun is....just as hard to put it back on....
OK i got that bolt off and the head off.. i replaced the head and got the cam carrier/intake/exhaust, etc. hooked back up i am just unsure of how to put the alternator belt/timing belt back on.. any help would be appreciated, thanks

What's the problem exactly? Is the belt pattern a problem or it the position of the belt tensioners.

The timing belt tensioner is a pain as it doesn't adjust very much but it will move enough.
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Did you have problems putting hte distributor back on(lining it up)... also, do i have to take the camshaft carrier top off to line up te sprocket notch w/ the timing belt cover notch? i left it on the whole time and just tightened the sprocket bolt w/ turned the sprocket to line up the notches.. did you use that special "J" tool to put the timing belt back on?
On my engine the timing belt tensioning is done by the water pump. I believe you turn it clockwise to make it tighter? :-?
How do i get the alternator belt back on .. pleaseee HELLLLLPPPPP :!:


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