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2.8/4.3 swap

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yes i have searched this topic, and most people say it cant be done...but a few (at least seemingly) educated people say it can be done. i have and opertuninty to rebuild a 4.3 from (i believe) a blazer. i know thewre would be alot of bell housing issues (among other things). but if the few who possess the proper knowledge could share it, i would be deeply appreciative!! :D
BTW... my car is a 89 z24 (2.8 with a muncie 5 speed manual)
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I know it could be done, but honestly I don't believe the 4.3 is an engine that you look at to swap into something else. It is quite heavy, and 4.3 specific parts are hard to find or are very expensive, like heads, crank, etc.

There is machining of the block needed to move the starter, and an oil filter relocate kit is needed, custom mounts, you will need to locate or make throttle linkage, TV cable (if it's auto), exhaust will be completely custom, from the manifolds to at least the cat. Rad hoses will be an issue, which may make it necessary to locate a "driver side exit" water pump, of which I don't know if there is one around, it just sounds familiar. Thermostat housing may need to be grabbed from a different application, ECM will be an issue, Power steering pump, alternator, various brackets hoses, wires and related. tranny adapter plate, etc.

This swap is NOT for the faint of heart, your car will most likely be immobile for at least a month, with very thorough planning , I'd speculate, since there is no documentation about a swap like this in a J-body.
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if i had the money right now i would do that, mabey even a small v8, cause i dont get my license for 2 more months, but im just a poor kid. it would be sweet to see it though, good luck if you try it.
well, it was just an idea.. a buddy i work with is going to help me rebuild, and i was originally just gonna go with a 2.8/3.1 but his dad has this block and we were kickin it around...i dont mind the challenge (rome wasnt built in a day) i was just curious as to if it would be worth it..perfomance is the bottom line no matter which engine i decide to go with. if any one else has any ideas/suggestions/knowledge to share, please keep it coming. i am actually buying a second cavy soon so i can basically strip it to the frame and build from the ground up... and still get to work with the one i drive now.
some people were talking about machining the block for starter moving purposes...where would on go for such work? (prefer to stay within 200-250 miles of st. louis, mo so i dont spend all my cash shipping the damn thing here and there...

thanx again

much love

- da chef
If I was going for a displacment increase to help get power easier, I would look at the 3400, it seems to be the easiest non factory installed engine with great potential, to get to fit and work in the J-body.

Or I'd go all out and drop a SBC in, just to say I could do it, that is, if the car was for straight line ONLY, and going around corners was not one of the requirements, it would probably take the most work out of just about an engine swap and a good welder will be needed, along with a large background in automotive and modifing automobiles. ;)

Someday if I ever get bored with the engine that I am installing in The Raven, I may look at a SBC, turbo of course, but that would be a long, long way off, and for the power I'd be getting out of that engine (heavily modified), I'd need a completly different tranny.

Take a look at the 3400, it can be made to work well, it will just take some time.

What are your goals for the car?
thanx again... i ve been doing a little research already.. and while "i aint skeerd" i think i'll actually get more "bang for the buck" going with the 3.4 or possibly just spend some time with a 2.8/3.1...thanx again for all your time and knowledge

much love
- da chef
If you want a challenge that is possible to do put in a S/C 3800 then. Hell go for a Series III it comes factory with 280hp.
G.M. DID have a FWD 4.3 block it was a diesel in 84-85 pontiac 6000 and used a th125 trans if i was going to do a 4.3 swap i would try to locate one of these blocks and covert to gas heads since the mounts would be fwd style or use an adapter from "v-8 archie's" for a v-8 fiero(4.3 v-6 and the chevy smallblock v-8(283-400 have the same bellhousing pattern)
I would rather do the 3400 swap and spend much less $$ than spend much more $$$ to gain 10hp with the 4.3 which I can't believe i'm still replying to these 4.3 threads.
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