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2.8 to 3.1/3.1T/3400/3800 SC?

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I have a 2.8 5 spd and want to switch it to something nuts. I have thought about 3.1 Turbo, 3.4 DOHC, 3800 Super Charged, but I want it to be easy to do, but make lots of power. What should I do, Or is there anything else I can use?
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nothing worthwhile is easy ;) each of those requires skill, lots of time, heavy modding and determination oh yeah and decent cash flow!!

if you want the car to go faster drive it down a hill ;) J/k

but seriuosly if you really want a big power increase its gonna be a lot of cash, time and effort to get it to work right. just ask anyone who is in the process of doing any motor work, your car will probably have to be layed up for a bit while this all takes place.

what i can suggest to you is buy an engine and slowly rebuild it with the performance mods and when your ready drop it into the car. this way you still can use the car and if something goes wrong its not gonna cost you your car!!
I think the most cost effective would be a hybrid (3x00 top end on your engine) or an entire 3100/3400 swap. If you did a 3400 swap, you not only would have a very nice base in which to start modifying (185hp @ 5200, 210 tqe @ 4000 ), but you would learn a lot in the process. For the 3400, you can look in the wreckers for one from a Venture mini van ( very common), and get the "chip" reprogrammed, and the engine mount from JBody performance, and look at the "sticky" at the top of the performance forum for a more complete list of parts that are required.
the JBP kit now comes with an ecu chip made for running a 3400 iirc
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