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If people are making lots of power with the 3400 top swap, what about using a 3.8 or a 3.8 supercharged from a 89 bonneville, regal etc. Will THAT work on a 2.8? supercharger optional

The only thing that concernes me about the 3x00 swap is valve train. Which cam is best? 2.8 stock, 2.8 perf. 3.8 stock. others? what about pushrods and rockers? valves, springs, retainers should be from the 3.8 shouldn't they?

I'm looking for a 5 Litre eater. some comments would be good before spending.

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Those are 2 completly different breeds of engines, the reason people use the 3x00 top end is because it will bolt onto a 2.8 or 3.1 block, seeing as they are all based off teh same design, the 60degreeV6.
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