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2000 Z24 Rims for sale...

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I have a mint set of 2000 Z24 rims for sale. I am asking for $400 Canadian OBO. Local to GTA please, unless you are willing to come down here for them.
Rims look like these... (these are not the rims I have, just a picture to give you an idea)

16" Rims, 5X100 bolt pattern... fits all j-bodies, celica's, some VW, honda, etc etc...

Email me: [email protected]


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If you guys want tires with it... i may be able to get almost new KUMHO tires.... but the price will rise to about $700....

Lemme know... make offers... I can be flexible!

make offers guys... $400 is what i asked... its not what I will get...


Heres a pic to get you wanting them:

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400 for stock rims? i woldn't pay more than 200 for stock rims if i was looking for them.
$400 Canadian = $289US :roll:

C'mon people, buy these for $350!!!

That's about $250US...

- Zu[/b]
yo ill give you $200 man, cash stright up picked up this weekend if you want. There aint no way your gonna sell factory rims (whithout rubber) for $350. Just letting you know of my offer dude.

I am willing to trade also if you have any 1996-1999 Z24 Parts...

- headers
- 62mm throttle body
- intake manifold
- exhaust system
- after market rims
- coil overs
- try a trade

I am selling these for $217US.... that is $54.25US per rim or $75CDN per rim...

I think that is pretty fair... the rims are absolutely brand spankin new condition... I know they are not aftermarket, but they will make your early model Z24 look very good... I have seen pics...

I AM NOT GOING LOWER... If you want them... $300 CDN and they are yours! Try and find them for cheaper...


- Zu
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Oh... and if you guys have MINT condition 1996-1999 Z24 rims, I will trade you straight, rim for rim...

Lemme know...

- Zu
300 is a fair price... i wish i had the cash ... there 600 at the wreckers or 600 each at the dealer
or you could go for mine for $300 with rubber.

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