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2011 Drag Racers official timeslip thread

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I think that after what we've seen the last couple years, it's time to throw eveyrything in together. All Models, both N/A and Boosted. we've got some very promising RWD builds, and more swaps and go fast parts than ever, so let's see what we can do this year!

My personal best, 13.75 @ 100mph, i plan on eclipsing by a heavy margin :pimp:
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need pics! just talked to him the other day about the car, i'd like to see it again. you get some decent suspension on it? it was slow as balls before because it was just throwing the body around instead of moving the car forward lol
there is a video on youtube of me racing a 95 neon with a complete srt 4 swap bigger turbo and injectors running 19 psi.and i was on 75 shot of nos and had street radials. the neon dynoed 298hp to the wheels. and me on a 75 shot was in front of him till forth gear then he pulled me about a car i think i was running out of nos. lol .ill try and post a link but i dnt know if i can on my phone or not.
type in SRT 4 vs 89 cavi it shud bring it up. my phone wont let me post a link. and there is another video under Srt swap neon vs 3500 v6 cavy. if someone wants to post a link for me
Here's a decent pic of the car. It has came along way. Just don't have much time to work on it much. Suspension is going on with the turbo kit and brakes. I Dnt plan on keeping the body.I'm looking for a cleaner body. But in the mean time I'm going go ahead and get the platform set up then ill swap it all over once I find a better body.


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The second video is the first of the race and the first one is the last of the race. We had two ppl filming.
The second video is the first of the race and the first one is the last of the race. We had two ppl filming.
3.1turbocavy said:
I've done a lot to it. I've retuned it on a safc on the dyno.we tuned the best we cud and got 224 to the wheels at 235 tq. The car does nothing but spins the tires. Lol I've almost got all my parts together for my build.. its just taking alil longer cuz I'm trying to do two cars at once my talon and the cavy.
224WHP on a stock cam and 3400 manifolds is pretty good!
not bad at all! i did 224 @ the wheels with my 3400 and a cam and stock manifold. just shows you how much of an improvement the 3500 swap really is.
I should put together a sticky with everyones dyno results in it and a description of their build...
Oh yea the 3500 is a big improvement. I never thought I Wud see over 200 on stock stuff. But the guy i had tuning it . Played with it for 2 1/2, hours. On the dyno. I'm very happy with the results . Cant wait to get everything and start the build. Yea u shud Dave, that would be pretty cool.
what all did he do with the tune?

I could never get it dialed in right, the car always seemed to have random problems that Abob never fixed.. lol

I even paid out of my own pocket one year for the dyno session, there was a lot of potential in that thing.
My best since the build was a [email protected] 98.92. The last time out i was trapping at 100mph but only got 14.2 .....Once i get My M/T slicks hoping for a 13.9=)
ok so my car has finally hit the numbers i have been hoping for :cry: it's nice to hear
ran a personal best at the bash, [email protected]

and had some decent times at nitrofest best of the day for me was [email protected] as steeve said track prep was pretty bad. i played around with tire pressures for about an hour before realizing everyone was spinning.

heres a vid one in our group took

edit:anyone know how to get a facebook video link to work??
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heres a vid steeve took riding along....missed fourth/? :nono:

hope to have some more vids up soon, devon ran next to me on the last three passes and got GREAT video of everything from my burnout to my times with a go pro stuck to his rr fender.
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here the video devon took with his go pro of us doing three hot laps.. hes a pretty good vidoegrapher considering it was mounted to his rear fender. its 18 mionutes long, but the runs are at 4:15-9:00-14:40. last run was the best of the day 13.58, plus some pretty sweet burnouts by yours truley. its pretty awesome how he managed to get all my burnouts and time/trap speed in all three runs.

<LINK_TEXT text="http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... H0xb2iZEYM">http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=nH0xb2iZEYM</LINK_TEXT>
hit great lakes dragway a few weeks ago ran a new personal best of 13.220
with a 60' of 1.95, really gotta work on that. ill post a pic of the slip tomorrow.

on another note I REALLY like the new M/T slicks, no wheel spin off the line, M&H spun to the point I started launching on the spray, just gotta start pushing to leave harder on the M/Ts.

anyone else get out this year??
Last day of the bash at Cordova, new personal best. Red light, but still my best time.


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