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2nd gen interior swap

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Has anyone ever swapped a Sunbird interior with a Cavalier interior?

I have a mint condition black interior in my Z24 that I want to use in my GT, what will I have to expect when I start doing this work?

what do I do about the different e-brake handles?
and what about the gauges? do they hook up the same or will I have to make modifications to the wiring harness?

and my power windows, my gt has switches on the doors, but the new doors that will go on the car with the black inner panels dont, they have the switches by the e-brake... what can I do about wiring that up ?!

any insight at all would be appreciated :)
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where are all the knowledgeable people at ?? :D

if you have 2 complete interiors, then the swap is entirely possible.

the window switches would be fairly easy to change, you just need to solder in some extra length of wire, and route it through the door frame, under the carpet, and to the console.

the E-brake handle shouldnt be TOO hard to swap over. its a Jbody and a Jbody, so it maye require taking lots of bracketry off, but you're going to get to a point where you've stripped enough of both cars to just transfer over the parts... yah know what i mean?

the gauges.... well i dotn know for sure, just rip em both out quickly when you have time, and check the connectors. or better yet, go to a pick-your-part junkers, and rip those ones out to look :) its like a free school lesson for yourself, and you get to break stuff (that would normally get busted on your own car)
why not just get a cavalier

the sunbird interior is a little better. there is more leg room bacause the dash doesnt protude(sp) as much.
As long as you have the wring harneses (yes all of them) then this swap should be somewhat sort of straight forward. all of the mounting and attachment points are in the same postions, but the actuall parts and wiring differ, why else would you be doing this then, right? ;)

I'd suggest that if you don't have all of the complete, unmodified un cut harnesess for the donor interior, to get them, it will save a lot of headaches in the end.
yea, what the raven said 8)

basically if you have TWO complete cars.... its swapable... BUT, you may have to strip it down and swap out a LOT of parts.
I changed the inteior of a z24 into my sunbird when I swaped my engine/trans to make the rewiring easier it wasn't too bad at all but make sure the wiring harness
soup, because my sunbird dosnt have an interior, and i already have a Z which dosnt have a floor or rockers! lol :) ... just a set of seats and a dash in the bird, not even door panels, or working door motors or anything :(

so Ive already swapped the doors (gawt damn door pins i hate you!!), Ive tore out most the inside of the cavalier,... so yes I have ALL the parts, and ALL the wiring,

so I guess your right, it shouldnt be too much of a problem as long as I swap the wiring as well right?
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