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Whats up everyone, i'm new to the forum, but not to the z24's. I owned an 89 z24, and it was one of the fatest rides in my area after i dropped a sh*tload of money into the exterior, but anyways, a wreck and that one was gone. I drove a 97 Mitsubishi Mirage for a while, lowered, system, ect... Then i saw the car i went out and bought. My 94 Z24 five speed. I bought it with one of the lifters collapsed and was gonna fix it. Then I called around to a couple junk yards and found it. An 89 3.1 tgp engine. I bought it with the left over cash from my other car.

Buying this engine left me on a tight budget and i'm going to have to save everything i get and i can hopefully have it in by the end of January. I just got the engine, no ecm or wiring harness, and i have to get an intercooler. The engine is in rough shape.

Now i just have a few questions I didn't know if some of you could answer for me.
1) I dont know if this is true, but i heard that all tgp were automatics, if i put my flywheel and ring gear on the tgp, would that offset the weight of the crankshaft and give me a wobble while i'm driving?
2)Will my coil pack and plug wires work on the tgp? (tgp didn't come with this)
3) Would the the trottle body of my N/A work on the tgp due to the oval vs. the round intake side of tb.

I would greatly appreciate answers to these questions if anyone knows them. I really trying to get the engine preped for swap and plans made. Thanks for you advice.

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