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3.1L v6

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Anyone know the reasonable value of a complte 3.1L v6 engine from a '92 cavi RS?
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a fresh pull... maybe a couple hundred buck.

A fresh rebuild closer to $500 - $600 would be within reason I think
$200-250 at the local wreckers. "THATS U PULL IT" yardz tho.
around my house you can get almost any engine you want for a s little as 90 bucks if you pull it.
ya some around here are that cheap too, well like around 150 but thats when the guy is in a good mood
Local yard here pulls it for you.... prices vary depending on mileage. I got a price for a 2.2 with 80k miles for $400.... 60k miles for $600
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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