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hey..im interested...kinda.......im looking for a block and head to rebuild/customize as a project to keep me outta trouble...if ya have touble selling the whole engine..drop me a line on the block price and i'll pick up the freight from toronto to st. louis...

[email protected]

much love

- da chef :pimp:
ya im interested in the engine bro, i pm'd u

holla back

Sorry to hijack this Luis but if chef wants a rebuild i have a high K motor for $100. Still ran like a beast before Luis, Jay and I pulled it.
ginobeats...do u want to sell the engine or not? i pm'ed u a couple dayz ago..but u havnt responded, just let me know if your not selling it now, i live like 45 minz away...i will drive up there this weekend check out the engine while its still in the car that way i can see how it runs and shifts ect and if im satisfied with it ill buy it off you.

thank you
how far are you willing to ship, i might be interested but im in the norfolk, Virginia area.
you'll deliver eh
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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