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3400 headers

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if i do a 3400 upper end swap could i use 3400 headers?
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...even if you changed your exhaust ports to the 3400 ports, you still couldn't use them. They would both require extensive modification to fit, and wouldn't work properly.
why wouldnt it is it bc of clearance bc they should bolt right up to the 3400 head
yes, clearance is the greatest issue. (for the record, I am talking about the s &S headers, I know of no other commercially available 3400 headers)
I had the 3400 S&S Headers.


i have pics to show where and why.

first the rear exits completely different. the N body exits straight back on an angle out the rear. on our cars the rack and the whole firewall is right there in the way, our exh exits down and curves out the back underneath.

the front header does not even bolt onto the engine because the 5spd transmission hits the header and will not allow the header to fit onto the engine properly. this is even without the extra inch of transmission bracket thats supposed to sit in the same spot.

the transmission on the Nbody's is the 4T45-E which when you look at them the bellhousing goes straight down a good 3 inches from the top bolt holes on an angle. our 5spd Muncies are straight across the top with no drop down from the top bolt holes.

Both headers will have to be extensively modified.

would require reworking the front first. then the rear, then reworking the crossover tube to join up again between the two headers.

IMO its easier and cheaper to start from scratch, that is what i am doing. i sold my headers to a buddy with a 01 GA GT. he's making good use of them.

if you want pics... i can email them to you. give me a shout at [email protected]
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i have a 2.8.... i was looking at it the other day and it looks pretty simple to make dual exahust.. few cuts and welds and looks like it would work... maybe have to try next year.. what u guys think?
v6h.o. said:
i have pics to show where and why.
I thought you were going to send all that stuff to me to add to the site? :-? :p
Oh yeah!!

i get so buisy with stuff i tend to forget things like this.. LOL.

i'll have to do that sometime this week.
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