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Hi all

I'm needing to build a box on top of a dolly to sit a 3400 engine in for transport. I'll use 2x4's standing them up to make a 4" deep cradle box for the engine to sit in. I don't have access to an engine to measure the oil pan. So, I've no idea the size box to build. Ideally the inside of the box should be within .5" on the sides, front and rear of the engine when it's sat down in the box. So I need fairly accurate dimensions of the pan. Flex plate won't be on the engine. Anything else that 'bolts' to the engine (that might be in the way of it sitting in the box) will be removed too.
If you understand what I'm wanting to do and know the measurements I'm needing, thanks in advance for the help.

Have a good weekend.
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