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800 watt RMS amp + what Sub(S) = DAMN!!

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i got a audiobahn 800 watt RMS amp and im lookin for some crazy SPL what sub or subs do u guys recommend??i would need a 4 ohm load to get max power outta the amp
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my choices:


or Boston Acoustics Pro 12.5LF...... <LINK_TEXT text="http://bostonacoustics.com/ca_product.a ... egoryID=17">http://bostonacoustics.com/ca_product.asp?ProductID=93&CategoryID=17</LINK_TEXT>

for all out SPL..... RF Power HX2, RE- pick one (can't remember the website Black94RS knows it i think) or Image Dynamics http://www.mmxpress.com/id.html)......

I'd say the CDT, ID Max, then the BA Pro........
Hate to be the bearer of bad news but 800Watts won't net you alot of SPL. If you want SPL, goto www.ddaudio.com and get one of their 15's and you'll do just fine.
want SPL???

Resnonant Engineering 15 or 18" XXX

get that and a 1500 Watt Amp and your good to go.
i dont think i can afford the RE subs
i talked to audibahn and they said they would sell my a $900CDN 15" sub for $300 CDN shipped with a 1 year warrenty,im really thikin about this,or i can go with 4 12" cerwin vega HEDS(4ohm SVC) and wire 2 of them to 2 ohms and the other at 2 at 2 ohms and run each pair in 2 ohms stereo and get 400 RMS per pair,and it subs can handle 200RMS,i had 2 of these 12's last year and i really liked em,im just wondeirn if ill get more outta the 15
ohh yeah the audiobahn 15 is the AW1505Q sub its 1000 watts RMS
go with those bostons that spanky showed you, or Diamond Audio M6 12D4 subs... 800 RMS, in the right box, one was pushed to 152 Db, (not kidding, but i have no proof). thems damn nice...
As much as I hate to say it the Bostons will not net you alot of SPL. They are excellent SQ subs. Another choice should be the MMATS 15, those are awesome subs.
And incase anyone is interested in these RE subs, you can check 'em out here for sale


and this is the RE homepage


have fun and enjoy, i think i may just pick up a 12" Shiva :)
RE subs are pretty good for the price they have on them, but the SQ get's kinda rough at high volumes for an extended period of time.
waht about the 12" L7??
i was thinkin the 2 12" comp VRs but i really dont like how they look for 2003
i think im gonna go with a pair of beyond Audio X-1 12's,i talked to the guy today and i can probably get 2 of the 12s for $400 CDN taxes in

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