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'88 Z24 Vs. '93 Laser RS

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Hey Guys...... Thought I'd post and tell ya about my first race with my '88 Z24! My friend has a '93 Plymouth Laser RS... 2.0, Auto, Non Turbo. We were chillin in the parkin lot and he asked me if I wanted to run with him up the road once, so I said sure why not. Even though my front right shock is blown and if i hit it hard off the line it bounces like crap :roll: So we lined em up and he said go and I took it easy off the line so I wouldn't feel the shock bounce then I punched it and almost broke the tires loose at like 25 :eek: about a quarter of the way up the road I caught him and by halfway he was seein my taillights! :D When I let up at like 85 he was about 7-8 Cars back!! The Cavvy Goes 1-0! YA!!! Whos my next victim..... HaHaHaHa!

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88z24cavvy said:
Whos my next victim..... HaHaHaHa!

You can be my next victim? lol j/k

Good kill.
I will race ya...

in the prelude :wink:
Sweet kill :D .
nice kill, hard to beleive he was 7-8 cars back when you caught up to him halfway through the race, but you won thats all that matters :lol:
you can be my next victim :evil: lol
I'll race any of ya...... I ain't scared! HaHa! Ya he prolly wasn't 7-8 cars back...... but he was pretty far!! :lol: :lol:
My T/A's hungry :wink: you can be lunch tomarrow 8)

good kill I have a girl friend who has a laser too and I always wondered who would win if we were in a race. now I can make her a bet that if we race and she loses she'd have to blow me lol.... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA :evil:. That's of course if she'll want to take that bet after I get my X-1 fenders on lol. But she want's to trade in her laser for a mazda 7 cuz she said she saw one on aa website that was all tricked out and she want's to do the same with hers when and if she gets it. If she did get the mazda 7 and race me will I have to be mowing her yard for a month? :roll:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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