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89 Sunbird GT Turbo parting out

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1989 Pontiac Sunbird GT Turbo

car has 204,000 miles on it, motor has a colapsed lifter but otherwise runs and has good compression(has been rebuilt around the 195,000 mile mark). 3 speed auto tranny, lots of good and new sensors, Saab 900 intercooler, 93-94 spec front brakes, PowerSlot slotted rotors, modified turbo manifold to accept a T-3 turbo, 2 1/2" turbo back exhaust, A pillar dual gauge pod, el-cheapo boost gauge, Autometer Air/Fuel gauge, LOTS of other parts. Sorry, my custom T3/T04B turbo is already gone.

Make offer on parts, or make offer on entire car. I'm not lookin to make a profit on this so all parts are CHEAP, I'm just lookin to move this car out so I can park my other car in the car port.

Contact me by email at [email protected], PM, or just reply to this post.
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Pictures might help you sell this a little quicker ;)
if the turbo stuff is in good shpe i take the whole turbo set up and ecm just name a price
hey man how come your selling everything now? did the lifter make you give up?
I purchased the car intending to just learn about turbocharged motors. And I did learn. But now, I've got a new turbocharged toy and maintenace costs are just too much to keep 2 turbocharged cars going. My other turbocharged car is a Dodge SRT-4.

90cavlierturbo the turbo is already gone, but the exhaust manifold, downpipe(and complete exhaust), oil lines, and one of the coolant lines are in good shape. The exhaust manifold has an EGT probe in it right now in the far passenger side exhaust runner. What all are you interested in? And is this for your Cav? Because this motor is the 2.0L OHC motor, and not the 2.0L OHV motor. 2 completely differant motors with virtually no interchangable parts.
wait a second. Is the cavy turbo a v6 or just a 2L? PM me if its a v6...
Hey i sent you a PM, let me know. Thanks, kev
is the headlight assembly the one w/ the motorized headlight covers... and do you have pics of the front end.. if so send to [email protected]
the_anti_rice said:
wait a second. Is the cavy turbo a v6 or just a 2L? PM me if its a v6...
Never has been a factory turbocharged Cavalier.
if it has power windows, please post a pis of the power window switches and panel

Adam, I have no means of taking pics, nor of posting them.
any pics of the air fuel gauge? is it white faced? what size?
how much for the A pillar pod?
Sorry but the A pillar pod, exhaust manifold, Greddy EGT setup, and the el-cheapo boost gauge have been taken.
trunklid / spoiler? you gots? is it in good shape?
You're probably better off getting a short block locally than for me to tear this one down and ship it. Not only that, but this one is more than likely gonna need a rebuild anyway just to be on the safe side. It's history before I owned the car is not known at all, besides the fact that something blew causing a valve to be cut in half and lodging half of a valve stem in the exhaust manifold!! That's what blew the original turbo.
could actually use a machinable crank, have good pistons and block(fresh machined) but the crank was no good.

Is the wiring harness and ecm the same as the tgp?

If so, i would like to buy both of them.
No, the wire harness has provisions for an extra set of injectors and a couple of other snesors are in differant locations. The computer is the same, but the E Prom is differant too. I think the 3.1L Turbo harness has an extra sensor too, but I'm not sure about that.
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