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89 Sunbird Over Head Cam Problems

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I have recently acquired an 89 sunbird that's not running on all Cylinders so I assume that it is a head gasket. I was informed by a mechanic that GM had a lot of problems with the early overhead cams as the oil galleries were not large enough causing the cams to wear to nothing. Has any one else had this problem?

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do a compression test..if two adjacent cylinders have low compression then you prolly need a headgasket(and check the head for straightness and cracks between the sparkplug holes and the exhaust valve)....if only one cyl. has low then there could be a camlobe worn or something in that cylinders' valvetrain..if the test shows all 4 fairly equal then you need to go to the tune up basics: check the plugs,cap,rotor,wires,vacume leaks
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