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91-94 custom mesh grill.....$40............ edited with pics

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i have a mesh grill that was off a 92 z24. the center was cut out and mesh was molded in instead. sanded down to original black plastic, needs paint. very smooth and sharp looking. ive recieve many compliments on it over the time that it was on the car!!

PICS NOW!!!!!!!!!!

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you have any pics? i might be interested.

I would like to see some pics
Hey email me pics i might be interested.... [email protected]
thats a real clean lookin grill..if i had the money i would snatch it up. i thought about doin the same thing only cuttin my grill into a big bowtie and making the bowtie mesh..

hey send some pics my way, [email protected]
there's a pic for everybody... sorry it took me some time to get the pictures back!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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