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'93 For Sale

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<COLOR color="red"> I'm selling my red 1993 Cav Z24. It's the perfect car for someone ready to do an engine swap. I threw a rod and I wasn't ready to put anymore money into it so I'm selling it. I had just bought some rims. I'm selling them and the audio system. The body, chasis, and interior are in real good condition. For more info see my registry or holla at me.</COLOR>

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how much for the rims? do you have tires with them? if so what kinda shape are the tires? i've got a 3.1 i would trade for the rims. or even give you a whole parts car for the rims+ something else.

The rims w/ tires for $900. The tires are still like new. I had them on the car for about two months, but I wasn't driving it cause I was having engine trouble. They didn't have a chance to start wearing. They won't fit on anything I have so I have to get rid of them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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