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93 sunbird vs 2002 cav

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hey guys i'd like to know who you think would win this race:

my sundbird:3.1, automatic, intake, hypertech thermo chip. 160 thermostat, high flow cat, 2.25" exhaust

2002 cav: 2.2 ecotec, manual, underdrive pulley, intake, rksport rear section single exhaust

I'm thinking i have the advantage because i have alot more torque and more mods. the guy with the 2002 cav thinks he will really beat me in the 1/4 mile. what do you guys think, besides "just go race him" cuz that isnt' an option right now.
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why are u askin us, i thought "da sunbird can nevar lose!!" :roll:

lol, j/k.
iv'e got about 49,000 miles on my motor.
You both have the same amount of HP, but you have 35 lbs more torque. Its hard to say, yours is an auto, and the 2002 in manual... I think it could go either way. You should race and find out :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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