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My parents are talking about getting this "nice" '94 grand prix that one of my old teachers from NY son is selling. My parents want to because if we brought it here we could get some good money for it. But I got thinking, a '94 grand prix 8) . I think its the style I like and I believe it has like the 3400 in it right? Not sure, but anyway. I was thinking if they brought it here that if I liked it enough I'd sell the z and give my parents the money I got for it and have the prix all to myself.

They said it has like 110,000+ on it which is more than the z but not the engine in it. Ack, I don't know, guess I'll have to wait and see if its nice or not and if my parents wouldn't mind me having it.

So, what do you people think? Any know the specs on them- type of engine, HP, Torque blah blah.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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