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95-99 Gunmetal Projector Headlights/ 2 12" Pro series s

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I am selling my 4 month old Projector Headlights. paid 225 shipped for them. askin 150 shipped. also sellin my 2 12" Pro Series subs for 95 shipped. if interested contact me.
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since they seem to be for the 3rd gen you may have better luck selling them on ebay or the org, just thought i would help ya out ;)
i kno the ad is on the org too....but i dont have a ebay account cuz i got no credit card...
I have a JL 10" Subs in a box and another 10" sub i dunno the name of it and ALOT of band equipment if u are interested
umm yea bro
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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