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95 SR Prelude and a 79 350 Nova

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Well friday after school we all head out to the area we race in. There was about 15 cars from my school there. Anyways i line up with this guy ina 5 spd 94 or 95 SR prelude with full exhaust(no header) and intake. Well i had a really shitty start... spun threw 1st and had no traction what so ever. He jumped on me off the line and by the time we shut it down he was ahead of me by half a car. I had no gas and the gas light thing was on. So we both go back where everyone else is and my friend with his 79 350 nova thinks hes big and wants to race me. So we line up and we race.. i got like 5 cars on him off the line, and when i shut it down at 150km/h he was at my back end. I was flipping out how i lost to a 4 cyl but beat a v8. Ah well i'm racing that Prelude again this week maybe i'll get a better start this time. Sorry for being so long.

See ya

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nice man, but is the nova like a real piece of shit? cuz they should be able to rip your azz up, smoke the lude next time :lol:
the nova is mint man, i dont know wtf was going on.. my car was pulling some total bullshit against the lude.. and then it became awesome when racing that v8.. i was like.. wtf is wrong with this car..lol.. im racing the lude on friday... i'll let ya know about it
Smoke him :D . Good kill.
My T/A has it's good days and it's bad days. I almost got smoked by a Durrango R/T this morning, but after i had warmed it up a bit i stomped all over a souped up El Camino. lol, i had 3 carlengths on him he was pissed :!: :lol:

either he's got highway gears (3.23's, 3.08's) which the old novas usually came with or he's got carb/vacuum issues. If i stomp mine from idle it falls flat on it's face cause with my cam i don't have much vacuum untill like 1500 rpm 8)
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