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A few questions.

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I found a small spring a couple months ago and I think it fell out of the turning signal lever and the cruise control hasn't worked since. How can I fix this so my cruise control works?

Also, can I shut off the door ajar buzzer alone and not mess anything else up?
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The cruise control arm spring sucks. Just take the thing apart and see if you can fix it.

The door ajar buzzer can be turned off my removing the buzzer, removing the buzzer itself, disconnecting the battery, or using a screwdriver to flip up the latch in the driver's side door when it is opened.

The spring that fell out was broken. If I get an arm out of my parts car, and switch it, will it work (I don't know if it has cruise or not, but it looks the same).

But won't those disable the interior lights as well?

Another question: Could I run an extra wire directly from the battery to the alternator? Will this drain the battery? Will this improve anything?
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The cruise control is on the same one as the headlight.... right?? If so I would just replace the whole arm.... it would have to be off of a car with cruise control though.

The buzzer, yeah, that will turn off the interior lights. If you need them on still, I would remove the buzzer.

Is that the 'headlight on' buzzer too?

How can I determine if the car has cruise control?

Do you know anything about my alternator question?
I dont know for sure about the buzzer. Try removing it and see what happens!

To tell if the car has cruise control, can't you just look at the switch and see if the controls are there. (I think you can on the phase 2's, but I dont know on the phase ones.)

You alternator question..... Why do you need to run that extra wire??

I think I need a little more juice.
If you need a little more juice, I would get a higher output alternator. The wire isn't what is restricting the amount of electricity getting to your system.

I want a little more juice going TO the alternator. The alternator is doing its job well. I just want a fail safe in case the primary wire doesn't work.
Unplugging the door chime wont effect anything but the door chime. As for the cruise control, look in the owners manual and compare it. That spring is most likely from the turn signal cam, your left turn signal doesnt cancel by itself right? And the power runs "from the altenator not to it. That second wire will be more of a problem then good. Can you say car fire? :) If the altenator is doing its job, why worry about it?
You don't have ant juice goin TO the alternator. It's the other way around. Another wire won't do anything. If you are not getting enough charge to your battery, I would get both the alternator and battery tested. Or go to a higher output alternator.
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