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Yesterday, i was wating at a red lite when suddently, a hummm wait i'll try to describe that car. It was a Pontiac 6000 SE with gold-brown home made paint all around the car, Racing sticker in the winshield, racing in the rear-side windows, Canadian tire chromed caps, side markers and the cherry on the sundae: a cherry bomb ! WOOOW!! :lol: My friend and mine was thinking that shit was a clown car...He wanted to race !! I saw to my friend...THAT SO PATHETIC !!!...So when the green light cames, i push out the gaz a little 1-4300 RPM, 2-3500, 3-4300...and then no more 6000...So, guyz, Hondas are not only cars who motherfu*** or riceboys try to "make a setup with"... :lol:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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