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I wonder out of curiosity is there anything anybody can do to increase acceleration rate out of a J-body? :-? If it sounds farfetched,i'm sorry
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Increase the acceleration rate? You mean make it faster? :-?
Theres tons of things you can do...Motor swaps, bolt ons, internals, forced induction...try some of these places... http://www.jbodyperformance.com/
www.fdpperformance.com and www.fastfwdperformance.com/
Yes, but its not going to be easy though with a 2.2L automatic :wink: jk

Seriously, there are lots of performance parts available, headers, exhaust, cam, etc... as stated above
g-ultima said:
what ahs your brother gotten you into!!!!!!!
whaddya mean soup??!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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