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Air Intake (yes or no)

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ok i was looking at the how-to's on the custom air intakes. Now the 2 different ways are to either stick a K&N air filter on the end of the stock air tube, or to customize even more and make an aluminum tube with the K&N air filter on the end. Is it worth the trouble of putting the aluminum intake on, or is it not that big of a hp gain difference... It says about 5 hp gain by just sticking the cone on there, with the aluminum tubing, would it be 10 hp gain or what... thanks for your help.
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Personally, I would go with the aluminum tubing. Air will flow through it with less resistance and it really isn't that hard to make.

ok thanks man, i know it isnt, plus it looks better as well, but i just wanted to know if it was that big of a hp difference.
i got my car on cardomain as well, but yours is a little better!
An intake alone isn't really what some make it out to be...Sure you may notice a slight increase of power in the top end...its not gonna be dramatic. The best thing about it is if you have exhaust it'll make the tone a bit deeper and it'll also add a nice sucking sound when the accelerator is pressed :wink:
so z24_ss just put the cone on the end is your suggestion... i mean i think we are going into appearance when we are putting the aluminum tubing on...
The K&N on the stock tube is a good way to start. Then add the aluminium intake tube later. Before adding the tubing you need to decide if you want a CAI (Cold air intake) of WAI (Warm air intake) That decision will determine what type of tubing you need. The aluminium intake tube does help with smoother air flow. An engine is basically an air pump. It gets power from moving the air into and out of the engine as smoothly as possible. The smoother the flow the more power. Thats why people spend so much money and time on intakes, larger throttle bodies, porting & polishing, bigger exhaust, less restrictive converters and mufflers, and custom exhaust tips. Its all about air flow.
got ya, is there a noticable increase in power with a cai over a wai?
To tell you the truth, nobody really knows... there is no evidence of which is better. And the aluminum intake tube doesn't really do that much if anything. I put one on, and I can't tell any difference. But it does look pretty which is enough for me since it was easy to do.

i would deffinatly do the alluminum pipe even though it wont make a huge differant it will make each one of ur next mods work a little better little things add up
After i made my custom WAI for the 2.2 i noticed it had a little more "Get up and go"
the only reason to buy a k&n air filter is so u dont have to buy an air filter again in theory and no it dont give u more hp maybe better gas milaege
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