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all electricity lost on 2.2L

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I recently replaced a starter on my friend's 91 cavalier 2.2L. We took the old one out and put the new one in and now his car has lost all electricity. Which is strange because when we reconnected the battery the omputer scanned everything and clicked a bunch of times. So it read everything. Here's the deal though..... the green light on his battery was non existent and he left the car sitting there with the negative ground disconnected for a month and a half. I am assuming that his battery is just dead and that is the cause of his problems, however if the battery was really dead would the ECM still be able to go through the whole clicking process?
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things can act weird if the battery is ALMOST completely drained. try jump-starting it, getting a battery charger or just a new battery and see if that fixes it

if that doesn't fix it, you probably didn't connect a wire or incorrectly connected a wire to the starter. that fatty cable that goes to it is a direct link to the battery. that could be a LOT of juice directly grounded.
check the ground to the starter, it may not be connecting the way it should.
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