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All The supercharger info possible, Send it here!

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Hey guys

I just wanted to find out as much info about superchargers from you guys or from any good sources you suggest. Ie. books, sites etc.....

I just had one question though, I was orginaly planning to do a turbo set up but i wanted to try and see if I can do a supercharger set up instead. Just because I like superchargers and not many people have done it yet.

Anywho my quick question was, are superchargers able to generate the same amount of power as a turbo set up.

Thanks for the input.
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the only place that sells a complete sc kit is rsmracing.com. other than that you'll have to find a shop that does custom centrifugal blower setups.
I posted a little bit ago about a supercharger for our cars..if you look back a few days you will see my post, its called "supercharger for cavis?", there is a good amount of information in that thread along with links to sites that sell SC kits.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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