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Almost done with the restore project!

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Just about to get it done! Should be painted next week so then I can put it all back together. Maybe after it is done and I get some good pics posted I will reach my goal of 'Car of the month' :D . Here is a current picture I took today.

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Just to let everyone know, that exhaust will be replaced! :lol:
The picture doesnt work :(
Pics not working. Dam, I wanted to see it too....
I fixed the problem with pic not showing. :D
Thought the pic was showing. Now I got it working, I hope!
now i see it,it looks good man keep up the good work and keep us posted :D
Lookin nice man.
looks good needs some windows and a 91-94 z24 spoiler would look good and ya a exaust would be nice :lol:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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