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Altitude Conversion

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NHRA web site altitude conversion tables. I think we fall in the stock and super stock table.


would be better if everyone converted their times to sea level.

maybr something like this:

R/T: .572
60': 2.467
330: 7.044
1/8: 10.818
mph: 66.58
1000: 14.098
1/4: 16.921 conv.: 15.964
mph: 83.68 conv.: 84.72

I think I did the conversions right.
I hope this makes all our times universal so we can compare and etc.
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honestly gain a second :eek: :eek: i know it makes a difference but THAT much ??
tree924 said:
honestly gain a second :eek: :eek: i know it makes a difference but THAT much ??
just check the link, I don't think NHRA would put up false tables

I think you're at sea level or close to and we're over 3000 ft (i think that's what it said) above. The atmospheric pressure would play a huge roll. less compressed air. similar to turbo theory. the more compression the better burn and etc.

A lot of ppl around here say that edm is lower (i think) and racing there can shave 1/3 sec off your time.
the lower the altitude, the more atmospheric pressure that will push air into your motor :D
my Z ran like crap when i drove it down to New Mexico which has an altitude of 5,200 feet above sea level. back here in Iowa we're at sea level so she runs WAY better. It's amazing the difference it makes :)
At sea level the oxygen is more dense.
I bought a '92 Nissan Stanza in Salt Lake City, UT and drove it back here. Coming up the mountain in CO, just before Denver...I was out in the slow truck lane.

The car would only go like 25-30mph because of the altitude, and after we got down the other side, it worked fine again. (Well, until I got to Bangor Maine and the timing chain cover started pissing oil)
the higher up, the less dense is the air...less air into engine = less power
I could have sworn we're at 4000 feet here in Calgary. I wouldnt be suprised if parts of Calgary were near 3000 and other parts closer to 4000. There is quite a difference between... lets say Edgemont and the Memorial Drive area. Damned foothills.

At sea level my car would be well into the 13's... Time for a road trip to Vancouver!.
I just thought it was funny how even though we all understand there are four posts explaining that the lower you altidude the denser the air more power. I dont I geussed that was the reson the second someone told me altitude made a difference and figured one post saying it here would be enough .I dont know its just funny but I guess Im a hypocrite because I explained it in this here post didn't I darn :-?
the nice cold air in the winter time helps also, as long as its dry.
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